I’ve always liked to escape real life. At an early age, my imagination would sometimes get the best of me. The way I wrangled all the ideas and energy swirling around in my head was to put crayon to paper. I wasn’t a little monster or anything, far from it actually. Being artistic has just always been my safe haven.


Growing up, I would enter art contests here and there. My mom enrolled me in after-school art classes. I continued to create, being inspired by pop culture, film, music, television. In high school, I was elected Most Artistic by my graduating class, helped out the yearbook staff by illustrating sections of the yearbook, got a couple scholarships and was accepted to the Savannah College Of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.


In college, I soaked up the social experience more than anything. I also finally realized the agony and ecstasy of not being the only creative person in my close proximity. Agony because I wasn’t the hot stuff anymore and ecstasy because I was around similarly attuned people.


Upon graduating college with a BFA in Illustration, I began to slowly move into the freelance world and later into in-house graphic artist positions.  To see my client list, GO HERE.


Social media has really helped me get more exposure with my artwork and has given me chances to connect with some amazing people and have my art seen by so many.


I hope you’ll follow me to see where I go from here!


Thanks for reading.



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